Automate your accounts payable area.

One Simple Portal

Accelerate your supply, purchase and accounts payable processes. Manage your financial documents and enhance communication with your suppliers.

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One Simple portal is one of our flagship apps.

It’s a supplier’s portal that works directly integrated with SAP and other major ERP systems, improving the communication flow between accounts payable areas and suppliers, reducing costs, saving time and improving processes.

Optimization of communication
between companies and suppliers.

64% Fewer Queries

64% reduction of phone queries, what translates into lower Accounts Payable operating costs.

15% Off

Price discounts as a result of a sound relationship with suppliers based on timely payments.

100% Control

Complete overview of purchase order traceability. Updated information on open entries.

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Works Native with SAP.

One Simple portal integrates natively with SAP and other major ERPs. Don't have an ERP? Don't worry, we can custom set a standalone version for your company


100% web and in the cloud application allowing for 24/7 queries and implementation in less than 4 months.

Machine Learning

Query automation through a chatbot that learns from conversations and emulates human service. Simplifying communication channels with your clients providing customized customer service center available 24/7.


Filters and applications fitting each company’s organization. Adaptation to tax and legal requirements from different regions.

Transform your accounts payable area