Electronic Credit Invoices (FCE)

Connect your Electronic Credit Invoices (FCE) to your SAP system

Manage the AFIP Web Services of Electronic Credit Invoice with a simple and effective technological platform. Integrate it to your ERP and get to accept, reject, issue or report invoices from one place.

Integration with:

Receiver of Electronic Credit Invoice

Acceptance and rejection of FCE

FCE monitoring and control

Bidirectional communication with AFIP

Early news alerts

Issuer of Electronic Credit Invoice

SAP / AFIP automatic integration

Validation validation of customizable and updatable amount

Association of date of issue, acceptance or rejection of FCE

FCE Status Tracking (accepted/rejected, amount)


Automatic calculation of withholdings of Electronic Credit Invoice

Web / mobile solution on SAP Cloud Platform

FCE Monitor

View of all invoices / documents, received, accepted, canceled and informed

Afip connection

Possibility of accepting / rejecting invoices


Notices of invoices / documents that are close to expiration. Visibility of quantities and amounts


Web / mobile solution to manage FCE anywhere


Reports of amounts of invoices payable and canceled, knowledge of documents received, rejected, canceled and accepted, filters by type of invoice, month and issuing companies

Integration of Electronic Credit Invoice (FCE) with OPENTEXT VIM

Automatic identification of electronic credit invoice
Creation of new business rules for documents in SAP
Adequacy of VIM analytics
Integration with electronic credit invoice monitor in AFIP

We integrate / adapt the solution to your processes and systems